Bromley is built on the foundations of a Spanish stone fort dating from the 16th century and its high ceilings and deep verandahs, shaded by the delicate branches of Ponciana trees, keep it cool in the hottest of weather.

Bromley’s generous bedroom suites, large living areas and extensive grounds make it an ideal destination for workshops and retreats. The house is perfect for every age group and a great place to vacation for a multi-generational group. During your stay at Bromley, experience an authentic taste of Jamaican country life. Take an early morning dip in the pool while the mist slowly clears in the valleys of the Diablo Mountains. Breakfast on fresh fruit, eggs, cassava pancakes, and steaming cups of Blue Mountain coffee. Nap in the hammock after a lunch of "Rice ‘n Peas and jerk chicken", watch the hummingbirds in the Orchid trees over afternoon English tea. Let yourself be pampered by the warm and friendly Bromley staff.

Visit a local artist for ‘bush’ tea and hike down through a tropical forest ravine to the deep refreshing pools of the headwaters of the White River. Spend the day swimming in the crystalline waters of the Caribbean. On your way back up to Bromley, stop at Job’s fruit stand in the village of Walkerswood for fresh fruit and vegetables and a refreshing drink of coconut water. Dine on lobster at one of Jamaica’s most romantic country restaurants just a short drive from the house.

Bromley Sausalito

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