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In The Vanguard Of Broadband Convergence, Portal Marketing and E-Commerce

Guestserve Systems International (GSI) has worked with a wide range of worldwide communication industries from Time Warner Cable New York, the largest cable system in the world, BellSouth in Shanghai, Rogers Communications, Northern Telecom, and MT&T in Canada, Seavision and Sony Integrated Systems in the cruiseline industry, and EDS at their headquarters in Texas. It has also worked with TRB in Indonesia and with the largest property developer in the Southeast Asia residential market, Singapore based Far East Organization. The Guestserve interactive portal marketing system was used by Hyatt International from Paris to Hong Kong. Involved with the hotel and communications industry for over 30 years, Johnathan Edwards, is referred to as an “industry veteran” by the Paul Kagan Associates newsletter. His work has received extensive coverage in the press from the Wall Street Journal and USA Today to various trade publications such as MultiChannel News and the CKC Report.....the hotel technology newsletter, which went to over 90 countries. He was the Founder of Guestserve Systems International and Chairman and CEO of IPC Interactive Pte Ltd in Singapore as well as President of its subsidiary in the US, a joint venture between IPC Corporation of Singapore and ICG, his California based company targeting interactive communications for the future residential market.

The Creator Of The iTV “Portal”

Guestserve, a California Corporation, was formed in the mid '80's to design interactive television networks for the hotel industry. Guestserve was the first company to create an iTV “portal” with digitized voice with Hilton in Las Vegas and Radisson in New York in 1988, and the first company to complete transactions for interactive merchandising (e-commerce) with Sheraton in New York in 1994. Guestserve was part of the well known Scottsdale group of companies which included Ticketmaster, premier computerized entertainment ticketing sales company in the US, Video Electronics, supplier of hotel and casino security systems, Antenna Technology Corporation, designer and manufacturer of the first multi-beam satellite antenna, and Bytex Corporation, system provider for the hotel industry.

IPC Interactive (IPCI), formerly ICG, acquired the proprietary software and hardware designs from Guestserve Systems International in 1996 to build the “Guestserve Network” for Time Warner Cable in New York to deliver the first commercial interactive digitally encoded video information service in the U.S. over fiber optic infrastructure. IPCI's vision to use the television in the hotel room to build a technology platform for interactive media marketing as a "trojan horse" and stepping stone to the multi-dwelling unit, implemented in the Singapore market, and finally the single family residence. IPCI was in the vanguard of convergence over broadband with the iTVPC. The company was acquired by the international market leader in multi-channel digital ad insertion systems, Seachange International, which provides software based products to manage, store and distribute digital video systems for television operators and telecommunication companies worldwide

Guestserve, the hotel network company, creator of the iTV portal for worldwide marketing for the global hotel corporation.



GSI is a contributor to the Bromley Action Plan, a not for profit educational corporation, providing a forum for a wide range of social, political and economic issues. This think tank and training centre cover issues that range from power and economics in the global digital divide to community development based on employment and family.  


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