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Successful Interactive Milestones and Industry “Firsts” for
Interactive Media Marketing on the TVPC

2004 Internet GRM hotel portal marketing and onsite guest information needs for all global hotel corporate locations. First site designed and installed.

1997 Guestserve Systems' assets sold to SeaChange International along with its software development company and IPCI, the cable division.

1997 FIRST VOD service to the residential market in Singapore.

1996 FIRST Global hotel network with digital multimedia convergence.

1996 FIRST VOD cable network over fiber optics to the lodging market and the FIRST interactive service over fiber in the world.

1995 FIRST telco wide area video network installation, including first e-commerce over broadband in North America.

1994 FIRST interactive in-room shopping in the hotel room and first successful e-commerce transactions.

1993 LARGEST Video On Demand (VOD) system in the world at 5,000 room hotel.

1992 FIRST integrated audio and digital display system with on demand “Video Store”.

1992 FIRST in-room TV gaming lottery system for the cruiseline industry.

1991 FIRST in introducing The Private Network - the first network system customized for the hotel corporation.

1990 FIRST interactive in-room credit card authorization.

1989 FIRST multilingual VOICELINK installation for the hotel market.

1988 FIRST in supplying custom video graphics and digital multimedia portals and the first in interactive advertising.

1987 FIRST digitized voice system using VOICELINK for hotel networks.

1984 FIRST installation of smart “boxless” hotel in-room television system with remote control. Sold to LodgeNet.

Guestserve Innovations
“...While president of Guestserve, Edwards created many of the innovations now standard in TV-based guest room systems.”

CKC Report May 2001

Smart TV
“...Breakthroughs in TV-based guest services reached the market during the 1980s. In 1984 a hotel in California was the first to install a smart “boxless” in-room TV system with remote control. Developed by Guestserve Systems the boxless system was more trouble free and provided more programming flexibility.”

Hospitality Technology, March 1999

Multichannel News
“Time Warner Cable’s New York system is the first to pitch the Guestserve Network to hotels it serves, representing 140 hotels. The system will combine ICPI’s MeTIL technology platform and SeaChange's Media-Cluster storage technology.”

MCN, Dec. 1996

Broadcast & Cable
“Digital ad insertion vendor SeaChange Internationanl and IPC Interactive will deliver VOD movies, targeted commercials and information services from cable headends to hotels and MDU’s via operators existing fiber. IPC Interactives’s Guestserve system provides interactive multimedia services to more than 60,000 hotel rooms worldwide.”

B & C, Nov. 1996

Time Warner Cable
IPC Interactive’s Guestserve network, based on its proprietary interactive software platform, MeTIL, provides interactive, multimedia and multi-lingual services that will enable Time Warner Cable of New York to enhance its existing business with city hotels. Eric Tveeter, Vice President and General manager of Communications Services for Time Warner Cable said, “...the Time Warner Hotel network demonstrates our ability to address ever-changing business needs of our hotel customers and to provide services in one of the world’s most demanding hotel markets.” Edwards, Chairman and CEO of IPC Interactive Pte Ltd Singapore said, “The Time Warner_IPCI relationship will bring an unprecedented selection of new business opportunities. Hotels will now be able to provide an array of new guest amenities for both the business and convention markets and the tourist trade as well.”

IPCI New Release July 1996

Hyatt International
“The Hyatt Video Network demonstrates our continued commitment to deliver superior and cutting edge services to our guests,” according to Bernd Chorengel, President of Hyatt International. “We are especially excited about the one-to-one connection the network will build with our guests as well as the new products and services it allows us to bring directly to each guest in their room.”

Maginet  News Release March 1996

Guestserve Systems
Guestserve President, Johnathan Edwards, said: “the lodging industry is changing in the information age and becoming more competitive on a global scale. The hotel corporations spend a lot of money to bring the guest in to the hotel room but they have failed to use the television, the great communicator, to its advantage. The introduction of this exciting interactive television shopping service is another step towards Guestserve’s long held vision that the television in the room is a cost effective communications tool which rightfully belongs to the hotel and not a movie vendor.”

Guestserve News Release March 1995

The vision: to use interactive television in the hotel room to build a technology platform for interactive media marketing as a “trojan horse” and stepping to the multi-dwelling unit and finally the single family residence. To develop cost-effective early market entry technology which was reliable, adaptable and expandable... a “migratory” strategy to reach the marketplace today to research what needs to be delivered tomorrow... in a more convenient way.

ICG Company Introduction 1995

The interactive hotel shopping service was developed in a joint venture between Guestserve Systems and The Thursley Group, which operates the Voyagers Collection. “The interactive version of the Voyagers Collection contributes to our efforts to meet the needs of our guests in two ways,” explains Sheraton New York Managing Director Paul O’Neil. “First, the expedient next morning delivery of catalog items provides a beneficial service to out guests, many of whom are business travelers with little time for shopping. Second, the interactive medium on the TV offers our guests an easy and entertaining way of ordering and viewing items they may have forgotten to pack or which they wish to purchase as creative gifts.”

Thursley Group News Release March 1995

Wall Street Journal
Forget about using hotel TV’s just to watch movies. Travelers can now use them as a sort of high-tech concierge. At the Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers guests can watch video channels describing local attractions, shops and restaurants. “You can see what the restaurants look like and hear about its specialties” says the general manager.

Wall Street Journal July 1993

MGM Grand
After one of those tough competitive battles that is becoming characteristic of the market in TV based guestroom services, MGM Grand has selected Guestserve Systems International for its 5000 room hotel, the world’s largest.

CKC Report May 1993

USA Today
Hotel room TV’s are becoming high tech information centers for business travelers on the go. “We are going to start seeing the TV being used more as a communication device,” technology manager for Westin Hotels. Johnathan Edwards, President of Guestserve Systems says the lodging industry has been slow to catch on to technology. “TV is an amazingly cost effective way to reach guests in the room,” he says “hotels could start by promoting themselves.”

USA Today April 1993

Guesterve Systems
Guestserve’s market goal as the first integrator of in-room multi-media technology is to be the leading provider of integrated and interactive video, voice and data communication systems for the hotel room, used for entertainment and interactive media marketing. This will create substantial recurring sales and service revenue streams and profitability by providing information services, entertainment, merchandising and advertising for the hotel and targeted to the guest. The hotel guest room of today, as a home away from home and an office away from office, must utilize the television as an information tool to improve guest services and provide additional revenue streams for the hotel. The increase in the number of ATM transactions in the last few years is an astounding indicator of how people have become accustomed to accessing information and services with simple technology.

Guesterve Systems, 1991

Prime Cable
Las Vegas franchise operator, Prime Cable of Austin Texas formed a partnership with Hospitality Network to dominate this hotel market using Guestserve’s system recognized as the best available on the market. Johnathan Edwards said the cable industry’s aggressive response in attacking this available market share is due to a farsighted look at the revenue potential, in addition to entertainment, as vendors look to the advertising and transaction market.

News Release May 1988

Multichannel News
Simulnet Corporation has announced the sale of all the assets of the corporation to a New York limited partnership. Simulnet President, Johnathan Edwards said the company had increased revenues up to 60% in some properties.

Multichannel News Nov 1987




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