Bromley was built on the stone foundations of a Spanish Fort dating from the 16th century. The gun ‘slits’ are still in evidence. Its hilltop position with sweeping views of the trail used to link the north and south coasts made it a natural choice for the Spanish settlers. In the 18th century Bromley was developed as a ‘Pen’ for cattle breeding along with horse and mule stock to support the sugar plantations. Pimento and coffee were also grown on the property. Bromley became one of the many sugar estates and pens of Sir John Pringle, a Scots doctor who came to Jamaica in the 1850’s and bought Bromley in the late 19th century and gave the house its extensive balconies and porticos.

We are working on the long history of Bromley and its close involvement with the village of Walkerswood. We will also show some of our past retreats.

Full Moon Yoga Retreat with Sienna Creasy

Plein Air Painting Workshop with

A week long "hands down best kick-ass workshop in the universe" with eleven painters. Painting excursions to a fisherman's beach, a small rural town, private coves, and the home of a local painter with sweeping coastal views as well as tea and tour of the gallery of one of the island's top artists along with a hike and swim in the headwaters of the White River - just some of the highlights.
Randy Sexton

Jacqueline Sheehan & Celia Jeffries
Returned for their second Writing and Yoga Workshop.
"I think Bromley worked its magic once again on our group. One woman said it made the difference between life and death for her. Another got so jazzed about her writing that she may have floated home without assistance of an airplane"
Celia Jeffries, Jacqueline Sheehan

YOGA - Tropical Escapes presented:
Karma Yoga in Jamaica with Michelle Barge
Michelle has been practicing yoga since 1996 and teaches an integrated Vinyasa practice focused on proper alignment and building core strength. Her style fuses her training in traditional Hatha yoga schools - Iyengar and Ashtanga - with her studies in dance and Pilates, combined with a deep knowledge of eastern philosophy and meditation. She also teaches in the New York City Public School system and is Board President of Concrete Safari - a Harlem-based, non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the joy of fitness and the great outdoors to inner city youths. She is also the Eco-Living expert at and currently teaches at some of the top studios in New York and Los Angeles including Exhale and East West Yoga.

Writing workshop with Joyce Maynard featured daily group sessions, one on one individual sessions, daily writing time, excusrions and evening of group reading and socializing in the Bromley great room.

"Joyce's Jamaica workshop was unforgettable."
Lori Brazier, Detroit Michigan

Plein Air painter Stephanie Birdsall enjoyed a private retreat at Bromley.

A Caribbean cooking retreat is being sponsored by Walkerswood Caribbean Foods, the world famous seasoning company, to explore Caribbean cooking and all its unique flavours.

The Bromley Action Plan is a not for profit educational corporation, providing a forum for a wide range of social, political and economic issues. This think tank and training centre cover issues that range from power and economics in the global digital divide to community development and participation based on employment and family.

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